Setup and Configuration 

1. Connect the BOCA to your ethernet network and turn the printer on.

2. Wait around 10 seconds, then press the Test button on the BOCA printer.

3. A generic test ticket will print out which includes the IP address for the printer.

4. Open ACME Sales>Configuration>Printer: Tickets.

5. Select BOCA from the list of manufacturers.

6. Select the correct DPI for your printer and enter the IP address into the text field, then select the "Update IP Address" button. Your IP address should now appear on the left hand side of the screen.

7. Select the Test button at the top of the screen to confirm the connection is working.

8. Adjust any of the optional toggles on this screen like turning automatic ticket printing on or off.


No IP address on the BOCA printer

Make sure the BOCA is connected to the network and that the data light on the printer is flickering. This indicates an active connection. You may need to contact your network admin to ensure the IP or MAC address for this printer is allowed to access your network.

No response when trying to print a ticket from ACME Sales

This typically indicates a blockage on the local connection between the devices. Makes sure the iPad and printer are on the same subnet or local network. If the iPad is using an ethernet connection, make sure the iPad's Wi-Fi antenna is switched off as this can cause a conflict.

See Ethernet Printer Troubleshooting for more common ethernet issues and solutions.