Secure Branded URLs for ACME Online Checkout

We are excited to announce the release of ACME’s Secure Branded URLs product. This will enable you to brand the ACME Online Checkout URLs as you wish to match your hosted website, making the online buying experience more seamless for your guests.

This feature includes enhanced security requirements and ensures the entire request from your domain to our infrastructure flows through our cloud security layer. Building the branded URL feature on top of our cloud security layer is important, as this is where we govern most of our compliance needs, including activating the first layers of our buying fraud shield and protection from denial of service attacks so that our site uptime is improved. 

If you would like to activate this option, please contact with the number of sub-domains you'd like to implement. We can get your new URL up and running very quickly! We hope you enjoy this new secure feature to provide a better buying experience for your visitors.


Once you have finalized the agreement to opt-in to this feature, it can be activated very quickly. We will provide a secure form to gather the required data to complete the implementation with your IT team:

  1. Have the following prepared to share with ACME via the provided form:
    1. Your sub-domain name(s) (e.g. 
    2. Your site SSL public and private keys in PEM format so we can issue a new certificate linking your domain to our certificate for a secure end-to-end request. (If your site SSL Certificate is supplied by Cloudflare, we can skip this step.)
  2. Create a new DNS record in your DNS system to map the sub-domain(s) to your primary site into our ACME Online Checkout website infrastructure via a CNAME.

From that point, we will finish the rest of the on-boarding process. 

Once the branded URL is setup, we recommend you run a simple test to ensure the end to end request is properly set up. 

  • Access your new sub-domain which will redirect to the ACME site with the new branded URL
  • From there, navigate around the ACME Online Checkout website and verify the URLs look good

Then you are free to publish the links on your website using the new branded URLs! Use the link generator tool in the ACME Online Checkout Deep-linking Guide to generate your new branded links for Production.

A Note about SSL Keys...

The security infrastructure for this new feature will require your domain SSL private key, in addition to the public one, in order to avoid impersonations. Most of the secure B2B web is now upgrading to require a private SSL key for such branded URL use cases. Please make sure to contact your CA (Certificate Authority) provider if your private key is not easy to find. You can always re-issue your keys from your CA if your keys are not findable, and once we have installed your new keys, you can then revoke the older keys.