Do you have templates for long running events, like General Admission, that accrue a number of schedules? Many schedules associated to an event can slow down the event performance, which can impact publish times, API call responsiveness and generally cause latency issues.


Removing Old Schedules in Backoffice

Any schedule where both the start and end dates are in the past can be deleted.

  1. Edit the Template, and navigate to the Schedules tab.
  2. Open any schedule where both the start and end dates are in the past.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Repeat as needed before saving and publishing the template.

What Happens When a Schedule is Deleted?

  • All past instances created by the schedule will be unlinked from the Event Template, but the instances will remain visible on the event lists for the prior days as originally scheduled, even if no tickets were sold for that event instance.
  • The Schedule Name no longer appears in the Event List.
  • The Event Instance will not appear for Point of Sale or eCommerce, just like any other past date.
  • Orders with tickets booked to instances from a deleted schedule can still be managed, e.g. cancel/refund, rebook, edit, etc. Schedule changes do not impact booked orders.)
  • Reporting on historical events (and current) events is not impacted when a schedule is deleted.