From the POS Sales Application, users can manage membership cardholder information to update contact information and cardholder details.

Permissions Required


Step by Step Guide

  1. From the Members menu on the POS application, search for the member record. 
    • Tip: Advanced Search allows you to search by specific fields such as First Name, Last Name, Address, Email or Membership ID)
  2. On the left side of the screen, tap the membership to select from the search results.
  3. To edit the Primary Cardholder's information:
    1. Tap the "EDIT" button on the upper right.
    2. Edit the contact information in the cardholder's record.
    3. Tap "Save Changes".
  4. To add or change Secondary Cardholder information:
    1. Tap "Manage".
    2. At the bottom of the page you'll see the list of all cardholders.
    3. To edit the a cardholder's information, click "Edit" next to the cardholder. Edit the cardholder's information and click "Save Changes". 
      • Note: this process should be used to fix typos or name updates for the individual already listed as on the card. If a different person needs to be a cardholder, the old card should be deactivated (as needed) and a new card created for the new person as outlined below.
    4. To deactivate a cardholder, uncheck the box next to the cardholder's name and tap "Save Changes". To reactivate, check the box and tap "Save Changes".
    5. To add a new cardholder, click "Add Cardholder". Enter the cardholder's information and tap "Save Changes". This can only be done if the maximum number of cardholders is not reached.
    6. To change Primary Cardholder or Secondary Cardholder designations, tap the circle next to a secondary cardholder's name. The green check indicates which cardholder is the Primary Cardholder.
      • Cardholders must have First Name, Last Name, and Address entered on the card before they can be made Primary; Email is recommended
    7. Click "Save Changes".
  5. When done, click "CANCEL" to return to the main menu.