When automatic rebooking is enabled for an event, Access Control users can select a specific event they wish to scan a ticket into. If the scanned ticket was originally for a different time other than this event, the ticket will be automatically rebooked and checked in for the selected event. 

Rebooking a Ticket from a Different Date/Time

Note: Automatically rebooking a ticket with Access Control will rebook the ticket AND check it in at the same time. This is optimized for allowing guests to enter for the current date/time. If you want to rebook a ticket for a later time and date and have the guest get the ticket validated at that later time, manual rebooking should be used.

Note: If a rebooking fee is associated with the event template and a ticket is rebooked via Access Control, the rebooking fee will not be charged as there is no way to take payments via Access Control.

Forcing Auto Rebook from the Will Call screen

  1. A ticket holder comes to the exhibit entrance with a ticket for the previous day. 
  2. The Access Control user scans the ticket from the Will Call screen, getting an error saying this ticket is too late or too early for entry. This error is based on the ticket validation window for scanning, set on the event template.
  3. The Access Control user can then scan the ticket a second time, which will trigger it to be rebooked to the current event instance and checked-in.