Report Overview

This report shows the memberships that have completed a Membership Lifecycle Action during the selected date range. The output includes transaction date, lifecycle action, membership level, price, membership number, the name on the primary card, and specifies if the membership was gifted, and if there is an associated Auto Renew subscription for the membership.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: TransactionDate
  • Default date range: last month


  • TransactionLifecycleAction - not equal to - MembershipReplacement

The TransactionLifecycleAction filter excludes the Membership Replacement lifecycle action, which occurs when a membership has a lifecycle action performed before the current term's expiration date.

Output fields

  • TransactionDate
  • TransactionLifecycleAction
  • MembershipLevelName
  • TransactionPrice
  • MembershipNumber
  • CardName
  • MembershipIsGifted
  • SubscriptionStatus

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report