This report shows the count of memberships by membership level that are due for renewal during the selected date range. The output includes membership level, subscription status (to denote any Auto Renew memberships), the summary of the value for those memberships, and the count of the number of memberships.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: MembershipExpirationDate
  • Default date range: current month


  • MembershipLastVersion - equals - true
  • MembershipStanding - does not contain - Replaced,Dropped

The MembershipLastVersion filter limits the output to only include the current version of the membership. The MembershipStanding filter excludes memberships that have already been renewed or otherwise updated as well as those that have been canceled or otherwise dropped. If the report is run with a future date range, then only currently active memberships will be listed in the output. If the the date range includes past dates, then it will include memberships that expired during that range and have not yet been renewed.

Group by fields

  • MembershipLevelName
  • SubscriptionStatus

Summarize fields

  • MembershipPrice

Count fields

  • MembershipNumber

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report