Report Overview

This report shows the numbers of membership lifecycle actions completed by staff during the report's date range, broken down by user, action, and membership level and offerring. The output shows the user, lifecycle action, and membership level and offerring, and summarizes the quantity for those.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: TransactionDate
  • Default date range: last week


  • TransactionType - contains - Sale,RefundSale
  • OrderItemType - contains - MembershipDowngrade,MembershipPostTermRenewal,MembershipPostTermRenewalDowngrade,MembershipPostTermRenewalUpgrade,MembershipPurchase,MembershipPurchaseConversion,MembershipRejoin,MembershipRejoinDowngrade,MembershipRejoinUpgrade,MembershipUpgrade,MembershipRenewalUpgrade,MembershipRenewalDowngrade,MembershipRenewal
  • TransactionUserLogin - exists

The TransactionType Filter limits the output to only include actions to add or remove items, including $0 items. Because the Transactions data source includes both item related actions (like adding or removing tickets in an order) and money related actions (payments and refunds), a TransactionType filter is always recommended to ensure the output is accurate (see the Transaction Type Definitions guide for more details). The OrderItemType filter limits the output to only include membership lifecycle actions, expect for cancellation and replacement.

Group by fields

  • TransactionUserLogin
  • OrderItemType
  • ItemMembershipLevelName
  • ItemMembershipOfferingName

Summarize by fields

  • Quantity

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report