Report NameG: Account Order History
Report TypeGroup Sales Reports
Report DescriptionListing of orders associated with an Organization.
Report SummaryAggregated list of orders associated with an organization
UseUsed by Group Sales to analyze trends in orders associated with an Organization.
Tips and Tricks
  • To review a single Organization's history, duplicate this report and change the "AccountName exists" filter to "AccountName equals ________" with the name of the organization in the blank.
  • Make sure you set the OrderCreationDate to 1/1/2000 - Today to capture all activity.

Data SourceSale
  • AccountName exists
  • OrderCreationDate (DayMonthYear)
  • AccountName (DayMonthYear)
  • OrderNumber (DayMonthYear)
  • PaymentStatus
  • EventStartTime (DayMonthYear)
  • Quantity Sum
  • TotalPaidAmount Single
  • OrderBalanceAmount Single
  • DiscountedTotalAmount Single