Report NameG: Group Sales Payment Details
Report TypeGroup Sales/Payments
Report DescriptionFlat-file of all payment details associated with an Organization.
Report SummaryAggregated list of orders associated with an organization
UseUsed by Group Sales, Operations, or Accounting to review a detailed history of payments received from an Organization
Tips and Tricks
  • To review a single Organization's history, duplicate this report and change the "OrganizationName exists" filter to "OrganizationName equals ________" with the name of the organization in the blank.

Data SourceTransactions
  • TransactionType contains Payment,Refund
  • OrganizationName exists
  • TransactionDate
  • OrderNumber
  • OrganizationName
  • ContactFirstName
  • ContactLastName
  • BillingFirstName
  • BillingLastName
  • TransactionType
  • PaymentAmount
  • PaymentMethod
  • CreditCardBrand
  • TransactionNotes
  • ExternalChargeId