Report NameO: Order Arrivals Report (All Orders with Contact)
Report TypeOrder Reports
Report DescriptionList of all Orders associated with a contact that includes events scheduled during a select period of time
Report SummaryAggregated list of arriving orders associated with an Organization and/or a contact
UseUsed by Visitor Services to see all orders arriving on a day, including payment and balance information.
Tips and TricksWhen printed in the morning, this report will show all reservations and advanced sales for a day.  This is a great way to set expectations for front-line ticket sellers.

Note: This report only excludes orders where no contact or billing information is collected.  The primary exclusions are walk-up orders who pay with cash and don't provide any information.

Data SourceSale
  • ContactLastName exists
  • OrderNumber
  • EventStartTime (Date)
  • EventName (Date)
  • AccountName
  • ContactFirstName
  • ContactLastName
  • TotalTickets Single
  • TotalAmount Single
  • TotalPaidAmount Single
  • OrderBalanceAmount Single