Report NameP: Refund Report (Detail)
Report TypePayment Reports
Report DescriptionDetails of refunds given to customers during a user-specified time period
Report SummaryList of all refunds with full details for a period
UseUsed by Accounting and Operations to review detailed information on refunds given during a period.  Normally, this report is use to investigate anomalies.  One of the "summary" versions of the refund report are normally attached to daily closing paperwork. 

Data SourceTransactions
  • TransactionType equals Refund
  • TransactionDate
  • OrderNumber
  • SaleChannel
  • TerminalId
  • TransactionUserLogin
  • Quantity
  • OrderItemType
  • EventName
  • EventStartTime
  • TicketType
  • AddOn
  • ItemMembershipLevelName
  • PaymentMethod
  • CreditCardBrand
  • DiscountedAmount