Report NameR: Event Attendance and Revenue by Event Name
Report TypeRevenue Reports
Report DescriptionTotal tickets sold and revenue generated during the user-specified date range broken up by event name. Note: This report only includes tickets and add-ons associated with an event. It does not include revenue from membership sales.
Report SummaryAggregated tickets and event-associated add-ons sold and revenue generated by event name
UseUsed by Accounting and Operations to record or recognize attendance and event revenue based on event date.
Tips and TricksNote: This report is based on Event Date or date of visit.  Because add-ons and memberships aren't necessarily tied to an event, those items may not be included in this report

Data SourceTransactions
  • TransactionType contains Sale,RefundSale
  • EventName exists
  • EventName (Date)
  • Quantity Sum
  • DiscountedAmount Sum