We are currently planning the future state of the ACME/Salesforce integration. Especially following Salesforce's recent announcement about the new Nonprofit Cloud, we want to ensure that our integration is flexible, includes more data, and allows for customized mapping.

A next-gen ACME/Salesforce integration is in the works!

ACME is harnessing the power of Workato, a powerful iPaaS (integration platform as a service), to build out a brand new integration between Salesforce and ACME! This powerful tool allows us to pull all the desired data out of ACME, map to whatever objects/fields in Salesforce you wish, and determine custom logic for how data flows. 

We are in the process of building our core suite of standard “recipes” (what Workato calls their jobs), that will allow you to get basic information from ACME to Salesforce. If custom logic is desired, you can build it! The Salesforce integration is just the beginning. With Workato, integrations to many, many systems is possible. For now, we’re focusing on getting the next gen ACME/Salesforce integration put together, so look for more updates in the fall!

Top reasons for the change:
  1. Flexibility
    • Whether you choose to use NPSP, Standard Salesforce, or the new Nonprofit Cloud, there will be no impact on the integration with ACME. 
  2. More data!
    • Additional API endpoints will be leveraged to access more ACME data, such as donations, forms, and event custom fields.
  3. Configurable mapping
    • You will be able to customize the mapping of ACME data to Salesforce, so you can use the fields that best meet your needs.
  4. Define your own timing
    • Customize the ‘triggers’ that send data to Salesforce, making it possible to set up your own rules for timing or what data qualifies to be sent.

Get more information about what we are planning in the ACME Product Webinar Recording - 6/5/2023.

The new integration is still in development, but we have planned to have our base recipes send the following data from ACME to Salesforce via Workato:

  • Orders with customer data
  • Event tickets and related forms
  • Add-ons
  • Donations
  • Memberships + Cards
  • Contacts
  • Organizations + Contacts (2 way)
  • Auto Renew Subscriptions