Coming soon!  ACME will be offering the Ingenico Moby/5500 is a compact card reader payment terminal using a Bluetooth protocol.

As one of the first mPOS devices to receive the PCI PTS 5.x SRED certification, the Moby/5500 is a next generation secure payment acceptance solution.  It offers a consumer-friendly, modern design and large color display.

  • Accepts all card-based payments, EMV Chip & PIN, contactless, digital wallet, and magstripe
  • Multiple contact pads, USB-C connector, and a large array of peripherals and accessories
  • Easily connect to iOS Smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth
  • Compliant with the latest security standard (PCI PTS V6)
  • Available with a cradle for desktop use & a clip-on extension to snap the device onto any smartphone for mobility
  • Compliant with the latest security standards


Set-Up Instructions

  1. Connect the charging cable to the reader and charge it for two hours before initial use. Please use the charging cable provided in the reader box.
  2. Power on the reader and enable Bluetooth on your tablet. Connect the reader to your tablet using the ACME Sales app, not device settings.
  3. Log in to ACME Sales and navigate to Configuration>Chip Card Reader. 
  4. Select the Bluetooth connection option from the Pick List and then select Find Devices. (There may be a slight delay when searching for nearby devices.)
  5. Select the serial number for your card reader from the list of nearby devices. 

Note: For first time connections with a newly purchased Moby/5500, a pop-up message will appear briefly indicating that updates are being downloaded. You must wait for this process to finish before the card reader can be used. This process typically takes about 10-30 min. We recommend leaving both ACME Sales and the Moby/5500 plugged in while this is processing. The card reader will restart once the updates are installed, and then you will reconnect once more v

How to Use

When transacting on the ACME Sales application, upon arriving on the final payment screen, the card reader will activate when Credit Card is selected as the payment method. 

The device accepts contactless tap, mag swipe and card insert methods. For contactless tap, please ensure the card or mobile device is placed within 4cm of the contactless tap logo. For mag swipe and card insert payments, please ensure the card is orientated correctly.


IssueRecommended Solutions
Cannot pair devicePress the power button to restart the device.
Confirm the serial number in the Configuration settings.
Device lost connection with iPad when the device is auto-offPress power button to turn on the device.
Device may have a low battery level - recharge.
Device does not work with your iPadConfirm Bluetooth is turned on.
Confirm operating system version is supported.
Device cannot read the card successfully - Swipe/InsertEnsure there are no obstacles in the card slots.
Confirm the magstripe or chip is facing the right direction.
Swipe or insert the card with a more constant speed.
Device cannot read the card successfully - TapConfirm that the card supports NFC payment.
Ensure card is placed within the 4cm range on top of the marking.
No response from deviceUse a paper clip to press the reset button to reboot.