In ACME, Terminal IDs can be created and configured in Backoffice for use at the POS (see Creating Sales Terminal IDs for more information). 

If, during login, a terminal ID is entered with the correct values but the formatting differs from what is configured in Backoffice, you may run into some issue when looking at that data. Sometimes ACME will use the formatting in Backoffice and sometimes ACME will use the formatting at POS.

This is especially important to consider when using a Transactions report that is filtering on terminal ID. Because reporting filters are case sensitive, if you were to filter on "Terminal ID equals SALES01", for example, you would not see the Sale, RefundSale, or Refund transactions for the below order, as they would be filtered out.

For example, if I have a terminal ID that is named SALES01, but sales01 is entered during login, an order created at that terminal may look like the above image. Note that the Sale, RefundSale, and Refund transactions display the terminal ID as entered: sales01, however the Payment transaction displays SALES01, as configured in Backoffice.

For consistency's sake and ease of reporting, we strongly advise entering terminal IDs at POS exactly as they are configured in Backoffice. You may find it helpful to label your iPads with the desired terminal ID formatting.