Report Overview

This report counts the number of members who opted into an Auto Renew Membership in the given time period, broken down by sales channel and membership level, with a summary of the price paid. The report defaults to returning results for the prior month.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: TransactionDate
  • Default date range: last month


  • SubscriptionUpdateType - equals optedIn
  • OrderItemType - equals - Event
  • MembershipNumber - exists

The SubscriptionUpdateType Filter limits the output to only include opt-ins, which is limited to just the initial opt-in transaction. Members who modify their subscription and opt-in to a changed level will get a status of replaced on the original subscription, and a new subscription record marked New from Replaced is created, so this report only returns new opt-ins in the results.

Group by fields

  • SubscriptionSalesChannel
  • MembershipLevelName

Summarize by fields

  • MembershipPrice

Count by fields

  • MembershipNumber
    • By using membership number as a count field, the output includes the count of the total number of memberships in that group of sales channel/level

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report Output