Report Overview

This report includes both Auto Renew Memberships and standard memberships in the results, grouped by membership level, offering, and subscription status. This allows you to compare numbers of memberships with and without a subscription, by level and offering. This report defaults to returning results for the prior month.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: TransactionLifecycle
  • Default date range: last month


  • TransactionLifecycleAction - not equal to MembershipReplacement
  • OrderItemType - equals - Event
  • MembershipNumber - exists

The TransactionLifecycleAction filter excludes the Replacement lifecycle action, which is used to mark the prior membership term as replaced when new term is created, which happens when a lifecycle action is completed on an Active membership, before the expiration date. Since this action updates the prior term and is not specific to the new term that we want to include in the report, this filter removes that unneeded data from the results.

Group by fields

  • MembershipLevelName
  • MembershipOfferingName
  • SubscriptionStatus
    • Results with a blank subscription status indicates standard memberships, with no Auto Renew subscriptions

Count by fields

  • MembershipNumber
    • By using membership number as a count field, the output includes the count of the total number of memberships in that group of level/offering/subscription status

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report Output