Report Overview

This report gives detailed information on each membership that had an Auto Renew subscription and has since opted-out. At this time, this is not included in the ACME Export file, so this serves the same purpose. It includes the date of the opt-out, subscription details including ID, status, first and last name, membership number, and membership standing. This report defaults to returning results for the prior month. 


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: SubscriptionUpdatedOn
  • Default date range: last week


  • SubscriptionUpdateType - equals optedOut

The SubscriptionUpdateType Filter limits the output to only include opt-outs actions.

Output fields

Because this is a detail report, there are no grouping, summary, or count fields, and each result is on it's own line

  • SubscriptionUpdatedOn
  • SubscriptionUpdateType
  • SubscriptionId
  • SubscriptionStatus
  • SubscriptionCustomerFirstName
  • SubscriptionCustomerLastName
  • MembershipNumber
  • MembershipStanding
    • Membership standing is included in the output as it may differ from the subscription status, as ppt-outs can happen a few ways, including though a lifecycle action without an opt-in at the new level, with a cancellation lifecycle action, or independently from any lifecycle action

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report Output