Report Overview

This report counts the number of members who opted-out of an Auto Renew subscription in the given time period, broken down by membership level, standing, and subscription update. The report defaults to returning results for the prior month.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: SubscriptionUpdatedOn
  • Default date range: last month


  • SubscriptionStatus - equals Canceled

The SubscriptionStatus Filter limits the output to only include cancelled subscriptions

Group by fields

  • MembershipLevelName
  • MembershipStanding
    • Membership standing is included in the output as it may differ from the subscription status, as ppt-outs can happen a few ways, including though a lifecycle action without an opt-in at the new level, with a cancellation lifecycle action, or independently from any lifecycle action
  • SubscriptionUpdateType

Count by fields

  • MembershipNumber
    • By using membership number as a count field, the output includes the count of the total number of memberships in that group of membership level/standing/subscription update

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report Output