The Workato integration syncs ACME data to specified fields in Salesforce via pre-built recipes that are created & maintained by ACME. These recipes are continually improved to support common use cases and scenarios. 

While Workato is very powerful in what it can do, some use cases are better solved via Salesforce as Salesforce custom flows, roll ups, etc can be used to solve for a variety of organization specific use cases to make the data work better for your needs and priorities. 

Below are some common use cases that our clients have shared with us which are easily handled with custom Salesforce logic.


Opportunity Object

  1. Change the Opportunity Name formatting
  2. Promote data from Opportunity Products to the Opportunity to facilitate visibility and roll ups of key data
  3. Create custom fields on the Opportunity which are populated automatically when an ACME Opportunity is created
  4. Prevent ACME Opportunities from being deleted

ACME Membership Object

  1.  Create a custom field to look up the Primary Member's Household Account

Household Object

  1. Promote data from the ACME Membership Object to the Household