Report Overview

This report shows all ACME fees for credit card transactions during the selected date range. The output includes date and transaction ID, and the discounted transaction amount, percent fee, fixed fee, and net transaction amount per transaction. This report defaults to run for the prior week. Because the fixed portion of the fee does not have a 1:1 relationship with any individual item, those fees must be reported on without item information in order for the data to be accurate. In order to have accurate fixed fee amounts in the output, fields related to individual item types cannot be added to this report.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: TransactionDate
  • Default date range: last week


  • TransactionType - contains - Payment,Refund
  • PaymentMethod - equals - CreditCard

Grouped fields

  • TransactionDate - DayMonthYear
  • TransactionId

Summary fields

  • DiscountedTransactionAmount - single
  • TransactionPercentFee - single
  • TransactionFixedFee - single
  • NetTransactionAmount - single

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report