Report Overview

This report shows all ChargeBacks during the selected date range. The output includes: 

  • Date and Order number
  • Item information including Event name, Add-on name, Membership Level name, and Membership Number
  • Transaction information, including Transaction Type, PaymentMethod, and Payment Amount
  • Customer information, including Customer First Name, Customer Last Name, CustomerEmail and CustomerPhoneNumber 

This report defaults to run for the prior month. Please see the Transaction Type Definitions guide for more information.


Report Parameters

Data Source

Date Parameters

  • Date field: TransactionDate
  • Default date range: last month


  • TransactionType - contains - ChargeBack,ChargeBackRefund
    • This limits the output to only show payments that were returned due to a chargeback, either initiated by a bank (ChargeBack) or by ACME (ChargeBackRefund)

Output fields

  • TransactionDate
  • OrderNumber
  • EventName
  • AddOn
  • ItemMembershipLevelName
  • ItemMembershipNumber
    • The EventName, AddOn, ItemMembershipLevelName, and ItemMembershipNumber columns will show the associated item name or information of the item associated to a returned payment. Any non-membership item affected by a chargeback scenario will be removed from the order when the chargeback is completed. A membership associated to a chargeback scenario will not be modified, and we recommend updating the expiration date of the associated membership to the date of the chargeback.
  • TransactionType
  • PaymentMethod
  • PaymentAmount
  • CustomerFirstName
  • CustomerLastName
  • CustomerEmail
  • CustomerPhoneNumber

Sample Report Parameters

Sample Report

Additional Information on ChargeBacks

Please note that the actual refund of money for a ChargeBack is completed by the issuing bank for Credit Card payments. ACME does not process the refund, but simply reflects that a ChargeBack happened. 

An exception to this is in the case of suspected fraud on an order with multiple payments. The non-disputed payments may also be refunded by ACME with the Transaction Type of ChargeBackRefund. If the payment method is credit card, ACME will process the refund. If the payment method is non credit card (e.g. Cash, Check, etc), it is required that the venue returns the money to the customer if possible via the contact information on the order.