In order to take the updates outlined below, please complete the steps outlined in the Set-up for ACME | Salesforce Integration version 2.0 guide before contacting us to get the new recipes pushed to your Workato Environment.


ACME to Salesforce Recipes

A new field called “ACME Link” will be populated for all Opportunities created after this release with the URL to the Order in ACME Backoffice. 

Opportunities now show ACME Customer Number

A new field called "ACME Customer Number" on the Opportunity object will now hold the ACME Customer Number of the Customer who placed the order.

Auxiliary Membership Support

We now support Auxiliary Memberships! Two new fields have been added to the ACME Membership Object: “Is Auxiliary” and “Auxiliary Group”. If a Membership is an Auxiliary Membership, the “Is Auxiliary” box will be checked and the “Auxiliary Group” field will be populated.

Combo Event Support

We now support Combos Event sales! All orders containing Combo Event tickets will now correctly sync to Salesforce.

Salesforce to ACME Recipes

Create new Memberships & lifecycle actions for existing members in Salesforce

What you’ve been waiting for! We now support creating a membership record in Salesforce (in the existing ACME Membership object) and sending it to ACME, where it will create an Order, Contact record(s) for the cardholder(s), a Membership, and Membership Card record(s). The membership records created can be brand new (New Purchase) or for any lifecycle action on an existing membership (i.e. Upgrade, Downgrade, Renew) as it aligns with the lifecycle action rules configured in ACME.

If an Opportunity in Salesforce already exists for these memberships, as long as it is linked to the ACME Membership record in Salesforce (via the Lookup field “Opportunity”) then the ACME Order that is created will sync to the specified Salesforce Opportunity, and any future edits to the Order in ACME will update the existing Opportunity.

A user guide on Creating and Updating Data in Salesforce includes step-by-step directions on creating and updating memberships in Salesforce and other actions that will sync data to ACME.


Edit Synced Contacts in Salesforce

The integration will now monitor for edits to Salesforce Contacts that already exist in ACME as a Customer. Updates done to any of the following fields are automatically sent to ACME: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • ACME Phone

  • Email

  • Mailing Address

Salesforce Membership Date changes automatically sync

Expiration, Join, and Start Date edits in Salesforce on ACME Membership records that are already synced with ACME are now supported! When an date change is detected, the update is automatically sent to ACME. This allows your staff to grant extra time to a member by extending their expiration date or be able to "lapse" the membership by setting the expiration day to a date in the past. Note, any membership cancellations include issuing a refund for a payment that was initially made in ACME should be completed in ACME Backoffice or POS. 

When an expiration or start date change is made on the Membership record, the recipe will handle updating the expiration/start date of all ‘Active’ and ‘New’ cards in ACME and sync those updates back to the Card records in Salesforce. 

Salesforce Cardholder changes automatically sync

You can now make card edits or create new cards in Salesforce on ACME Membership records that are already synced with ACME. These changes are automatically sent to ACME every 5 minutes and the existing Membership Cards are updated or new Membership Cards are created, as appropriate. 

Actions supported:

  1. Edit name on card

  2. Edit the barcode (which will update the “External Barcode” value in ACME)

  3. Change card standing

  4. Swap primary and secondary cardholders

  5. Add a new card that is attached to a Contact (this will create a Customer in ACME that will be linked to the card)

  6. Add a new card that is not attached to a Contact (this will create a “Guest of” card in ACME)

  7. Drop a secondary card by changing the Card Standing to “Dropped” and the Expiration Date to a date in the past

A secondary card must already have a Contact associated to it before swapping primary and secondary cards, as ACME does not allow “Guest of” cards to be the primary card. 

The primary card on an active membership must also be active at all times, so the expiration date on the primary card cannot be changed to a date other than the membership expiration date. If you want to change the membership expiration date, do that change on the Membership record and the recipe will handle updating the primary card expiration date for you.