ACME Sales allows users to lookup a member and book an order with their record. This allows you to not only track purchase history for a member, but any applicable ticket discounts will automatically be calculated for their order. Follow the steps below to transact as a member:

  1. Search for and select the desired membership record.
  2. Select the Transact button on the Member's record.
  3. You will be returned to the Retail screen. Note that Member pricing and any member only events for that day will now be visible.
  4. Add the desired tickets to your order and select Checkout. Note that the application will now check your order against any configured member rules. If a violation is found, You will be asked if you wish to cancel or override the exceeded benefits and continue to Checkout.
  5. Checkout as usual to finalize the order. 

Still need help? Take a look at the ACME Sales (POS) Resource Center for more.