Users who are not on the front line using an ACME Point of Sale terminal can view and manage orders in ACME Backoffice. 


  1. In ACME Backoffice, select Orders in the left navigation pane.
  2. At the top of the page, you can search by a number of fields: First name, Last name, Email address, Organization name, Order Number, Phone number, Zip code, Last 4 of Credit Card, or Voucher Number.
  3. Once you have located the order in the list, click on the View link to see the order details.

Editing an Order

Edit the order to change the ticket quantities, or add additional ticket types for the purchased event,

  1. On the Order Summary screen, select the Edit Order button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. On the Edit Order screen, you can:
    • Change the number of items for each category
    • Add additional ticket types and add-ons that are associated with the same event
    • Remove certain items from the order by clicking on the X icon to the right of the line item
  3. Click Continue when you are finished making your changes. You can review and confirm your changes on the next screen.
  4. If additional payment is due, the balance will be re-calculated based on the adjusted order items. Individual order purchases must be paid in full to proceed. Organization orders can defer payment if the organization's payment policy is set to Deferred Payment. If collecting payment, enter the Payment information, Billing Address, and payment details.
  5. If a refund is due and the purchaser paid with a credit card, the credit will automatically be issued to the same card. 
  6. In the Email Options section, select whether to send an email confirmation to the purchaser's email.
  7. Select Update Order to finalize the changes.

Rebooking an Order

  1. To rebook an order, first locate the order number (see image below) and copy the order number.
  2. Next, navigate to Events > Events List and to the date the guest would like to rebook to.
  3. After confirming availability, select the "calendar" icon in the row for that event. Once the icon is selected it will open up a new screen.
  4. Place or type the order number into the open field that pops up after selecting the calendar icon and select "Find Order".
  5. Next, adjust quantity for the new date as listed on the right side of the screen as desired - see green highlighted area in the image below. You can rebook some or all of the tickets.
  6. Select "Review and Pay". If tickets for the new date are MORE Expensive, payment is required to complete the reschedule. If tickets for the new date are LESS Expensive, a refund will be made to the original purchaser's credit card.
You may reschedule tickets from one event into a different event, if you wish. Any change in Order total will trigger the system to collect payment or issue a refund to save the change.

Refunding an Order

  1. On the Order Details page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Cancel Order and Refund button.
  2. In the Cancellation Summary section, the details of the refund will be displayed, including the total number of tickets to be cancelled and the amount to be refunded to the purchaser.
  3. Choose whether to send a Notification Email to the purchaser by marking the checkbox.
  4. Select the reason for the refund (Payment, Cancelled Event, Rebook Event, Miscellaneous)
  5. Add an optional Order Note pertaining to the cancellation.
  6. Click Confirm Cancellation and Refund button to complete the cancellation.

Viewing the Order Email Status

If a purchaser inquires about the status of a confirmation email or needs the confirmation email to be re-sent, you can manage this from the Order Details page.

  1. From the Order Details page, click on the Email Status tab
  2. All outbound confirmation emails related to the order will be displayed in the list along with the email status. See Sending an Email Confirmation for an ACME Order to learn more. 

Resending an Order Confirmation Email

You can easily resend the order confirmation email or send it to an alternate email address from the Order Details page. 

  1. Search for the order and click view
  2. Click on the Resend order confirmation button
  3. In the pop-up modal, confirm the prior email address for the order, or enter a new email address to send the order confirmation.
  4. Click Send Email to complete.

Sending the confirmation to a new email address will not overwrite the existing email address collected for the order at the time of original purchase. 

Viewing the Order Transaction History

To review payment details or multiple transactions for a complex order, you can navigate to the transaction history from the Order Details page. 

  1. On the Order Details page, select the Transactions tab.
  2. Click the View link on the transaction line to see the specifics related to the transaction line item. 
  3. Select data fields can be displayed or hidden by selecting the hamburger menu on the top right of the table. You can also re-arrange the order of the columns by dragging and dropping the column headers.

See the Transaction Type Definitions guide which explains the different types of transaction line items seen in an order's Transactions tab, or the Read the "Transactions" Order Tab in Backoffice guide for more information.

Viewing the Order Summary

The order summary displays all the line items from the order. Order items include tickets for events, add-ons, memberships and donations. You can also generate a PDF version of the order summary if you need to print or send it as an attachment. To generate the PDF Order Summary, click on the Print Order Summary button on the lower left corner of the page. 

There are two text variables that you can define for the Order Summary to tailor it to your organization's preferences. To modify these variables, navigate to Theme, Email tab in ACME Backoffice.

#Email VariablePurpose
1"orders-print-summary-intro-message"To define the intro paragraph that appears prior to the order details
ex. "Your booking details are below. We look forward to your visit!",
2"orders-print-summary-closing-message"To define the closing paragraph at the bottom of the summary
ex. "Please contact us if you need to make any adjustments to your booking prior to your arrival date."