To edit an existing order, follow the steps below:
Note: Always check the event capacity availability before editing an order to add tickets

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab

  1. Enter the name, email, or order number in the Search Orders box. Select "View" on the far left of the order. 

  1. This will open the Order Details page, scroll to the bottom and select either Cancel Order or Edit Order



4. On the Edit Order page, tickets may be added or removed for the existing event(s) in that order. 

  1. Under the "Current Order", type the new desired ticket quantity

  2. You may also choose to add a new ticket type (see the red box on the lower left in the image below)

5. Select the blue "continue" button at the bottom right of the screen to proceed. 

6. You will be presented with the amount that needs to be collected or refunded, if the edits caused a change in the order balance. If a balance is due, enter the payment information. Click update order to save your changes.