If you are trying to Upgrade, Downgrade, Renew, or Rejoin a Membership and there is no ACME membership level listed on the Membership record, it may be because it was imported from Raiser's Edge, but the Program/Category/Subcategory for that record was never properly mapped. If there is no ACME level mapped to that membership, the system will prevent the membership from being renewed, as well as preventing the purchase of member discounted tickets and any other lifecycle actions. 

To check if a particular membership is correctly mapped, log into Back Office and look up the membership record in question. If the Program/Category/Subcategory from RE is correctly mapped, you will see a section below the Membership Information that is titled with the ACME Membership Level and which lists the level and offering, followed by the Raiser's Edge Mapping section listing the Program, Category, and Subcategory. 

Note: If there is no section with the ACME Membership Level on the membership record and it goes directly from the Membership Information section to the Raiser's Edge Mapping section, then the Program/Category/Subcategory from RE is not mapped and you need to do so.

To begin the mapping, you will need to: 

  1. Navigate in Back Office to Membership>Raisers Edge Mapping, then choose Individual/Family

  2. Select the correct level you would like this type of record to appear under, and then select the correct offering.

  3. Once you can see the mapping table, click edit in the top right corner.

  4. Select the line that matches the Program/Category/Subcategory from the Raisers Edge Mapping section on the unmapped membership and click update.

  5. Once this is complete, navigate back to the membership and you should see the ACME membership level and offering data show up on the record and you should now be able to transact.