When booking a Private Event for a Group visit, you can make it extremely easy on your staff to quickly create a custom Private Event and save endless amounts of time by using a preconfigured schedule to automatically load information like event duration, capacity, and resources needed for that event. 

To begin, login to ACME Back Office and navigate to Events > Templates. You can either create a new Event Template or you can use a template that already exists. 

Next, select the Schedules & Resourcing tab. Set the Admission Type to Standard and select "create" next to Private Event Schedule. (see below)

Note: The regular event schedules we offer today are now named “Published Event Schedules”



Next, provide a schedule name (optional), and enter the desired Capacity, Duration, and Start time(s) and then select Save & Continue. (see below)


Note: These values will be the default when booking a private event & can be changed for each private event as needed.


You will now be brought to a new screen where you can set the pricing, ticket layouts and assign resources. 

Note: In most cases, you will keep the same Pricing and Ticket Layouts as the Template. If needed, they can be edited here.


Select the "Resources" tab to add any number of Resources to your schedule, as needed. (see below)





When you are finished, select "Save" at the top right corner of your screen to save your template. 


Note: You do not need to publish your changes in order to have the new schedule available in the Private Events booking flow.


Now you can get started Creating a Private Event Instance!