Using a BOCA Lemur ticket printer, a temporary membership card can be issued to an active member at any time by taking the following steps: 

  1. In ACME Sales, look up the desired member record and select the Manage button on the right-hand side. 

  2. Locate the specific cardholder you wish to print the membership card for and select the Edit button

  3. Select the Reprint Card button on the lower half of the screen.

  4. A menu will appear asking to confirm which type of card to print. Select Temporary

  5. A BOCA ticket will be printed to a connected printer. This ticket will include useful information including the members name, number, and a scannable QR code.  This is what a printed temporary member card looks like:    

Did you know...Boca offers a variety of water and tear resistant printer stock that can be cut to resemble a card.  For venues with a dedicated membership desk, this type of stock is a good way to offer an "upgraded" temporary membership card while the new member packet is prepared and mailed.