ACME Access Control (ACME AC) is an Apple iOS application for admitting patrons into your ticketed spaces. When used in conjunction with the built-in camera on an iOS device or a supported external ticket scanner, ACME AC enables users to scan a ticket for validation, check-in attendees into an event, and auto-rebook into specified events.

Note: While ACME AC supports the built-in iOS camera or a supported external scanner, we recommend only configuring for one of the scanner types at each device to avoid any hardware configuration conflicts. 

Viewing the Will Call Screen

When users log into ACME AC, they land on the Will Call Screen. This is an overview of all of your scheduled events occurring on today's date. This screen details how many tickets have been sold, are still available, and have already been admitted for each event. Selecting any of these events will open a more detailed view of a specific event. Users can begin scanning tickets by selecting the camera icon at the top of the screen or use an external ticket scanner.

Scanning Tickets

When a ticket is scanned with the built-in camera or an external scanner, ACME AC will send an inquiry on the ticket status to the ACME servers and check on the ticket status. To activate the built in camera, select the Camera icon near the top of the Screen

Warning: Leaving the built-in camera active at all times will drain the battery on your iOS device. Keep the camera closed unless actively scanning tickets. 

Once a ticket has been scanned, the user will receive one of the following responses: 

Valid Ticket

When a ticket is valid and is scanned within the allowed entry time frame, The user will see a green checkmark and confirmation that a specific ticket serial number has been marked as checked in for the event.

Too Early For Entry

If a ticket is scanned too early before an event starts, the user is presented with a warning screen that the ticket holder is too early along with a reminder of when check ins are allowed to begin for that event.

Too Late for Entry

The user will receive a similar warning screen if the ticket is too late for entry after the event has started.

Ticket Already Used

If a ticket has already been scanned or marked as checked-in, the user will be presented with this message indicating the time that the ticket was used.

Viewing Orders

In ACME AC, users can open up individual orders to reviewing check-in status of each ticket , manually mark tickets as checked-in, and mark an entire order as checked-in to quickly admit larger parties. Orders can be viewed in several different ways including:

  1. Selecting the View Order Button after scanning a ticket as shown in the above images.
  2. From the Will-Call screen, select a specific event, and then select the individual order.
  3. Searching for an order by selecting the Menu button, followed by Search as shown below.

Orders can be searched on in ACME AC by Order Number, Email Address, Contact First or Last Name.

Manually Checking in Tickets

Once an order has been opened, the user can check-in or un check-in individual tickets or the whole order as shown below:

Note:  Manually checking in a ticket before or after an event start time will not move the ticket to a different event. This operation will manually override any Access Control rules programmed for your event.

Scanning into an Event and Auto-Rebooking a Ticket

When automatic rebooking is enabled for an event, Access Control users can select a specific event they wish to scan a ticket into. If the scanned ticket was originally for a different time other than this event, the ticket will be automatically rebooked and checked in for the selected event. For example:

  1. A ticket holder comes to the exhibit entrance at 11:00 AM with a ticket for the previous day. 
  2. Before scanning it, the Access Control user confirms that this ticket is allowed to be used for today's event and will rebook the ticket in Access Control.
  3. The user will select the 11:00 AM event from the Will Call screen first and then scan the ticket.
  4. Assuming the ticket has not already been used, the ticket will be auto-rebooked for the 11:00 AM event and immediately checked in, all with the single scan performed in step 3. Your reporting data will show that this ticket was moved from yesterday's event to today and checked in.

Please note: Automatically rebooking a ticket with Access Control will rebook the ticket AND check it in at the same time. This is optimized for allowing guests to enter for the current date/time. If you want to rebook a ticket for a later time and date and have the guest get the ticket validated at that later time, manual rebooking should be used.

You can also automatically rebook a ticket for the current event instance using this alternative workflow:

  1. A ticket holder comes to the exhibit entrance at 11:00 AM with a ticket for the previous day. 
  2. The Access Control user doesn't check the date and time of the ticket and scans it, getting an error saying this ticket is too late (or too early, as the case may be). This error is based on the ticket validation window for scanning, set on the event template.
  3. The Access Control user can then scan the ticket a second time, which will trigger it to be rebooked to the current event instance and checked-in, like steps 3-4 above.