When a Point of Sale (POS) user sells items to a non-member or an anonymous customer, the user has the option of adding a customer contact before completing the order. This can be useful for any follow up or visitation tracking strategies your venue may be implementing. The available entry fields that can be reported out on are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Billing Zip Code

Once entered and saved, these values will populate the billing and order contact for this particular order.

Note: If an order is associated to a member or a known customer, these fields will be auto-populated.

Adding a Customer Contact:

  1. Once the POS user arrives at the Checkout screen in ACME Sales and a payment method has been used, select the person and pencil edit button as shown below:

    • When using a Credit Card for payment, we recommend editing the contact information after swiping the card, to prevent the swipe from overwriting information with details connected to the card. With other payment methods, like check, you can edit the contact info before or after entering the payment information.

  2. Enter the first and last name, an email address, phone number, and a billing zip or postal code to add to the customer record and then select the Save button.

  3. The Order Contact has now been saved and will appear on  the checkout screen under the payment amount. You will also see the contact information appear in the lower lefthand corner, under Order Contact

  4. The POS user can now complete the sale and the contact details will be saved for this order.

Toggling the Customer Contact Collection Form for Free Orders and Credit Card Payments

Using the POS Configuration tool, your venue can decide to request costumer contact collection or to automatically bypass the checkout screen on free orders and orders involving a credit card payment. This lets venues determine which terminals should be requesting customer contact collection and which terminals should leave it off for faster transaction processing. Learn more about this feature in the POS Appearance Configuration guide.

There are two places to configure this:

  • Settings > Administration > Point of Sale (POS): Set this to "Yes" to default all new POS Configs to this value
  • Settings > POS Config > Settings: Be sure to set this to "Yes" as well, per POS Config that you want the prompt.

Note: As of 11.35.0, toggling this on will apply to any order involving a credit card payment, in addition to free orders.

Still need help? Take a look at the ACME Sales (POS) Resource Center for more.