The ACME Combos feature allows you to offer online customers the ability to easily purchase tickets to multiple events that occur on the same day without having to select each event individually (for example, purchasing Admission and a tour). Configuration of this feature is RBAC controlled, and you may need to adjust your permissions for access.

Use Case

  • Combo events can be configured to sell tickets to two or more events that occur on the same day, as well as add-ons, as one bundled package.
    • The customer will receive a separate ticket for each event in the combo.
  • This feature applies to web sales only and is not available on POS or Backoffice channels.
  • Each of the events included in the combo must also be available for purchase online as a stand-alone event.
  • Tickets for combo events can be converted to a membership using the ticket conversion feature (added in 11.26.1 on 4/13/12).
  • Tickets for combo events cannot be rebooked to a different date/time.
  • Tickets for combo events cannot be further discounted, either via coupon, membership, or organization discount.


In order to configure combo events, you will need to have each event configured and published for web sales. When configuring your combo, you can choose to make tickets available at a flat rate or offer a discount on the existing prices for each event included. Depending on that choice, you will need a price list or a discount list configured to use when setting up your combo. When configuring a combo, you can also choose if all of the selected events are part of the combo, or give guests the option to build their own combo based on the events you select.

  1. In Backoffice, navigate to Events>Combos to create a new combo.
  2. Enter the name you want to appear online and an optional internal description.
  3. On the next screen, enter the description information that you want to appear online for guests and enter the email confirmation text. You can also configure email notifications for this event if desired. Click save and continue.
  4. Configure the effective dates, which control when the combo is available to be sold on the web channel, to handle limited time offers. The effective dates control when the combo is visible online for purchase, not the dates it occurs. The date the event occurs is controlled by the events that make up the combo (which are selected on the next screen). Click save and continue. 
  5. On the Details tab, you will configure the events that are part of the combo and how the combo is structured, and you will also configure the pricing for the combo.
  6. Start in the "Events" section and select the events you want in the combo. Use the plus button to add additional events as desired.
    • Once you've selected the event templates, you can specify if a single schedule is eligible for the combo or if all schedules are eligible for the combo.
    • If you want to give guests a choice in what is included, start by selecting any event templates that are required to build the combo. Once all required events have been selected, add another line and select "Any" from the top of the list. From the pop up, select the events that guests can choose from. Check all events that guests will be offered to choose from and click "Add Event". You can then dictate the number of those events that guests are able to select.
  7. Select any add-ons that you want added in the combo (optional).
  8. Navigate back to the top of the screen to select the "Combo Type" you want in order to configure your preferred pricing structure. The combo can be set as a fixed price, or a flat discount can be applied to each item. 
    • If you select fixed price, then select the price list you want to display for this combo. You can use a new price list created for this combo, or use an existing one. Update the allocation amounts so the Total Revenue Allocation equals 100%.
    • If you select discount, then select the discount list you want to use, and whether that discount should apply to each ticket individually, or whether the discount should apply to the total combined price.
  9. Click "Save & Close" to publish this event and make it appear online. This is the equivalent of clicking "Publish" for an event template.