If your Point of Sale terminals are not able to connect via Ethernet, a WiFi setup can be implemented. 


  • All Wi-Fi connected devices are connected to the same subnet and access point
  • The Wi-Fi network being used is password protected. ACME recommends creating a separate and private SSID for these devices if possible. 

To setup this sales terminal, you will need:

  • iPad with ACME Sales application installed
  • Credit Card Reader with WiFi capabilities
  • Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

  • Epson TM-T88 Thermal Printer with Bluetooth connectivity (if receipt and/or ticket printing is needed)

  • Boca Lemur Thermal Ticket Printer with Bluetooth connectivity (if tickets are Boca format)

  • APG Vasario Cash Drawer with cable (if cash is accepted)

  • USB Keyboard (recommended for membership sales)

Not pictured:

  • iPad enclosure stand
  • Credit card reader charging dock
  • Power cables for printers, card reader and iPad