11.26.0 Release

Production Release Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Platforms: Access Control (AC)

Production Release Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Platforms: Backoffice (B2B), Online Checkout (B2C), Salesforce, Payments

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Test Environments: Sandbox 10


Access Control | Now scales to all sizes!

It's about time! Our Access Control application has been updated to scale to all phone sizes and form factors. Enjoy the extra space and easier touch points.

We've also included a few bug fixes (see below) and a few extra goodies to make this sweeter: 

  • When rebooking, you can now easily select multiple tickets
  • Phone numbers are now formatted

And if that's still not enough to convince you, then just trust us that you want this build. The current Access Control app will reach end-of-life on April 8, 2023 with the Apple certificate expiration.

Download Access Control 11.26.0 before April 8th, 2023 to ensure uninterrupted scanning. The production build is available for install starting March 29, 2023.

Online Checkout (B2C) | Google Analytics GA4 Support

Google Analytics GA4 is finally here! As part of this integration, we've optimized the data to use the standard Google purchase event, as well as the standard Items array. This is available for those using a direct integration with Google Analytics as well as those with an integration via Google Tag Manager.

With so many changes in GA4, we are thankful to those of you that have offered to give us early feedback as part of our Early Adopter Program. We will follow up with you shortly with details for setting up your environment and providing feedback.

Salesforce | "isLatest" Flag

This release brings a very exciting, much desired new field to Salesforce! ACME will now be sending the "isLatest" flag to Memberships in Salesforce. 

Read more and access the new managed package: ACME Salesforce Managed Package - version 1.108.2.

Backoffice (B2B) | Import Validation on External Import ID

We've updated our validation on Import to help ensure you do not end up with two memberships with the same membership number. If you import a membership number that is already associated to a different import ID, we now block this with the following message: "This membership number already exists in Acme with a different import ID so the membership number update was blocked.” 


B2B/B2C | Foundation for Auto Renew

This release contains additional foundational code and bug fixes for Auto Renew as we work towards our official go live for early adopters. Thank you to all who have completed our Early Adopter Survey

Payments | Foundation for Auto Renew

Our payments team has been hard at work developing the foundational code and obtaining the certifications we need to securely store credit cards on file (via tokens, no PII data) and process ongoing payments for Auto Renew.

Bug Fixes

Access Control | Crash fixes

We have fixed the following crashes:

  • The camera button could cause a crash if double tapped. 
  • While rebooking, if you select some rows, then deselect all of them, the last row you deselect would cause a crash.

Online Checkout (B2C) | Form Responses sometimes missing from Orders

We have felt your pain with this issue, and have finally nailed down the cause! Turns out that if a visitor had two tabs open, and one tab was on the cart page while they completed the form on a separate tab, the form response was not attached to the order. This has been resolved and now all orders should always have the form attached. 

Backoffice (B2B) | Billing Information not prefilled on Renewals

Many of you ran into this regression issue after our 11.25.0 Release. During a renewal, the billing information was not populating unless you first tapped to edit the primary cardholder and then saved (with or without changes). We've resolved this issue, so now the billing information will always populate as expected.

Backoffice (B2B) | Disappearing Events in the Cart

No, it was not a magic trick, and likely you never ran into it. However, we did in testing and it was throwing us for a loop, so we fixed it. Apparently this only happened in the case where a single event had multiple schedules, each with their own pricelist with different ticket types. In case you do end up with a configuration like this, the issue is now resolved.

CORS API | Emails with a Dash (-) in the Domain Name

We've resolved an issue blocking a CORS checkout if the visitor's email contained a dash (-) in the domain name. For example, customerservice@williams-sonoma.com (and no, we do not get any benefits for throwing their name out there!). This was only affecting CORS checkouts, and was fine on the standard ACME online checkout. 

New and Updated Knowledge Articles

We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledge-base in the ACME Support Portal. Below are some recently added or updated articles:

Connecting a Receipt Printer with ACME Sales

Updating Report Date Ranges During DST Transitions

Online Membership Verification

Configuring the Ingenico Lane/3000 Device (Ethernet)

Processing Partial Refunds of Event Tickets in Backoffice

Edit Membership Information on POS

Entering Membership Cardholder Info with an External Keyboard at POS

Note: To ensure Backoffice updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.