Community Newsletter  |  Summer 2023 - Issue 11

The Dog Days of Summer may be nearing the end, but things are still sizzling here at ACME! Here's the latest.....

ACME Product Release Information
Our product and engineering teams have been hard at work on projects we’re looking to launch this fall:
  • Workato - enabling our next generation Salesforce Integration and more
  • 3D Secure - to help protect your customers from unauthorized purchases with their credit card
While those projects are underway, we’re excited to bring you some great enhancements and bug fixes in our next release. These include:
  • Membership Upgrade and Downgrade in ACME Backoffice. Finally! Long awaited feature and coming soon!
  • ACME Sales (POS) - Numerous bug fixes, improvements for connectivity to card readers in checkout, and an improved “Check In Tickets” design that incorporates great feedback we received from many of you.
  • Auto Renew - a few key bug fixes for early adopters.
Our 11.30 release is scheduled to come your way Wednesday, September 6th. Keep an eye out for our full release notes coming next week!

Other recent releases 
11.29.0 Release - 7/27/2023
11.28.0 Release - 6/22/2023
11.27.0 Release - 6/01/2023

Workato - Making New inteGREATions!
ACME is harnessing the power of Workato, a powerful iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service), to build out a brand new integration between Salesforce and ACME! This powerful tool allows us to pull all the desired data out of ACME, map to whatever objects/fields in Salesforce you wish, and determine custom logic for how data flows.

We are in the process of building our core suite of standard “recipes” (what Workato calls their jobs), that will allow you to get basic information from ACME to Salesforce. If custom logic is desired, you can build it! The Salesforce integration is just the beginning.

With Workato, integrations to many, many systems is possible. For now, we’re focusing on getting the next gen ACME/Salesforce integration put together, so look for more updates in the fall! 848

POS Configuration Refresh

As another busy Summer comes to a close, you may want to consider an Autumn refresh of your POS Configuration. We recently made some improvements to the functionality of Standard and General Admission POS tiles, making it easier to configure exactly what you need to reduce taps and speed up transactions.

Additionally, with all the switching between General Admission and Timed Entry over the past few years, we. suggest making sure your configuration is up to date and using the tile type that matches your current schedules.

Report Enhancements
When we launched ACME Standard Reports, we knew they would help users save time retrieving key data from day one of using ACME, But we didn’t realize how valuable a tool they would be when used as a starting point to create your own custom reports.

We have been auditing and reviewing these reports and will be rolling out updated versions that have been optimized to better meet the standard use cases you've been asking for. The existing ACME Standard Reports Resource Center has been updated with links to separate overviews for each report group, with the goal of making it easier to find a specific report.

First up is the suite of new ACME Standard Membership Reports. There were a few changes made across the board to this set of reports, and our focus was to add in new fields and to optimize and streamline the output. One big change was updating the filter structure for the lifecycle action focused reports, to ensure memberships that were purchased with other items were reflected correctly. In addition, there's a new report that looks at memberships that are due for renewal, to help with your renewal projection planning. Happy reporting!

These reports are ready to be loaded into your environment now! Please contact ACME Product Support to update to the latest versions.

New Deep Link Generator
An updated version of the ACME Deep-link Generator Tool is available! We recommend replacing your existing file with the new one, updating the instructions tab to your tenant ID, and your branded URL (if you use one).

If you deep link to the Event Detail page (not commonly used), this version fixes a formatting issue we discovered.

If you deep link to the Event Cart page with either a specific date or dynamic date (commonly used for one-time/limited time events or on signage), we have optimized the deep links. The new version of these links provides improvements for any clients who direct purchasers back to their page to add additional items, resulting in multiple tabs being opened. The new links ensure if the purchasers select a different date, the new date will be automatically applied to the cart as expected.

Membership Auto Renew
Membership Auto Renew went live on May 31st in our 11.27.0 release. To take advantage of this great feature, contact your Client Services Manager or

CS Staff Picks for 2023 Product Enhancements 

AJ's Pick

Backoffice Advanced Membership Search

This was an all around great quality of life improvement. It cuts down on load times accessing the membership section in Backoffice, it speeds up search times by adding specific fields to search on. Plus, it brought the Backoffice search functionality in line with the POS search functionality. It's a great improvement that added loads of efficiency!
Bryce's Pick

Membership Cancellation in Backoffice

The handy feature you hope you never need! This feature helps our friends in membership departments all over. Gone are the days of having to leave your nice, air conditioned office and walking uphill (both ways!) to the entry gates, just to cancel a membership for someone.

Cindy's Pick

Customer Management in Backoffice

It’s a given, everyone loves to be able to access to customer information without using "investigative tactics" to find it!  With just a few clicks, view customer details (even their membership versions!) in Backoffice. And, make edits to the contact information if something has changed! 

Jesse's Pick

Native iOS Support for iPad Screen Sizes

Apple loves to introduce new screen sizes and we are keeping up! We introduced native support for more iPad screen sizes in the 11.28 release. Plenty of room for tiles galore.
Kadee's Pick

This falls in the small but mighty camp! Adding two little words to this button makes all the difference, and now it’s clear it’s a button (and not a label).  Hopefully makes it easier for staff to find it and the membership they’re searching for.

Kelly's Pick

Every click matters! When working with orders in Backoffice, being able to see (or quickly navigate to) the purchasing member data on the Order Details screen is a huge timesaver.

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