ACME Standard Reports are an out-of-the box reporting solution that will help you get the most out of ACME on day one. These curated reports were built with your major workflows in mind.  From daily box office close out procedures to monthly attendance and revenue tracking, ACME Standard Reports provide a reliable way to report on the data that matters most.

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ACME Standard Reports come pre-loaded in all new client environments. The filters, groupings, summaries, and counts have been pre-set and cannot be changed by users. This ensures you have a set of reliable reports to fall back on should you choose to build your own custom reports.

Duplicating and Customizing a Standard Report

If you choose, you can use an ACME Standard Report as the base for a custom report. This will allow you to manipulate the fields and filters of a Standard Report while preserving the original report.

To duplicate a report, follow the instructions in the main ACME Reporting article.

Naming Convention

To assist with organization, we have employed the following naming convention:

TYPE: Report Name

D - Donation Reports

E - Event Reports

G - Group Sales Reports

M - Membership Reports

O - Order Reports

P - Payment Reports

R - Revenue Reports

U - Usage (Ticket Scanning) Reports    

ACME Standard Reports

Each group ACME Standard Report is listed below and includes information about the report, the type of report it is, when you would use it, and any tips and tricks for using the report.

We have also included all of the fields, filters, groups, and summaries should you choose to build your own versions of the reports. See the FAQ section at the end of this article for more information.

ACME Standard Donation Reports Overview

ACME Standard Event Reports Overview

ACME Standard Group Sales Reports Overview

ACME Standard Membership Reports Overview

ACME Standard Order Reports Overview

ACME Standard Payment Reports Overview

ACME Standard Revenue Reports Overview

ACME Standard Usage (Ticket Scanning) Reports Overview


We have a lot of reports in our environment already. Do we have to take the ACME Standard Reports? 

All new clients will automatically receive the ACME Standard Reports when their environment is set up. Existing clients can elect to have them deployed by contacting ACME Product Support.

I am only interested in a couple of the reports. Can I choose which Standard Reports I want seeded to my environment?  

The Standard Reports come as a full set and cannot be selected a la carte. If you only want a couple of the reports, we have included the fields, filters, groups, and summaries so you can build your own!

Will you be releasing more ACME Standard Reports?  

Yes! And your feedback is appreciated. If you have an idea for a Standard Report, please reach out to Support and let us know! We intend this collection of reports to be ever-evolving.

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