In ACME, primary cardholders always have a corresponding customer record. This customer record can be edited in Backoffice, and those updates will flow to the primary cardholder/membership record. 


  1. Before you can view Customer records in Backoffice, you may need to enable this feature by toggling the Show Customers setting to "Yes" in Settings>Administration on the Backoffice (B2B) tab. 
  2. You will also want to ensure you have the following permissions:

Editing a Customer in Backoffice

  1. In the Customers section of Backoffice, use a Basic or Advanced search to locate a customer record. Customer records can also be accessed:
    1. From the hyperlinked ACME Customer Number field on a membership record.
    2. From the hyperlinked Billing/Order Contact on an Order Summary.
  2. Select Edit for the customer you wish to update.
  3. Update any fields as needed and select Update to save your changes.

Adding an Address to a Customer in Backoffice

  1. If your Customer does not yet have an address, the Edit screen will have an Add Address button. Select this to open the Add Address modal.
  2. Enter the new address and Save.
  3. Select Update to confirm your changes.