Easily manage Membership Notes in both Point of Sale and Backoffice to track important information about your members.


Create, Edit, and View Membership Notes

Inform front desk staff of important information about a member when they arrive at your Point of Sale to obtain their tickets or update/renew their membership.

Here are a few examples of notes:

  • A note to confirm some information: Please confirm the name of a caregiver or nanny (who is not a cardholder) associated with the membership.
  • Special notes from a Development Officer: Please confirm this member's address; mail has been returned!
  • VIP notes to improve customer service: This member has been supporting us for 20 years!
  • Red Flag notes about a past member behavior: This member has a history of being difficult, habitually asks for membership extensions and has abused their privileges in the past.

If you have permission to edit memberships (MEMBERSHIP_UPDATE), you can write up to 2000 characters of data in membership notes in both Point of Sale and Backoffice. These notes are visible in the Membership Details area of the member record.

When running a Membership Report, you can include the field "MembershipNotes" as one of the report output columns.

Create, Edit and View Membership Notes at Point of Sale

Create, Edit and View Membership Notes in Backoffice

Membership Notes Relating to Membership Versions and Lifecycle Actions

Membership notes automatically carry over onto new membership versions made when a member does a lifecycle action, such as a Renewal, Upgrade or Downgrade. The notes can be viewed on the customer record.