11.34.0 Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Platforms: Backoffice (B2B), Online Checkout (B2C), ACME Sales (POS)*, Payments

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Test Environments: Sandbox 10, POS Sandbox 11.34.0

*POS Application valid through 03/05/2025


New Features

ACME API | New Payment Method

New Payment Method alert! You can now chose “Other” as the payment method for ACME Orders. 

This new payment method is a great solution for:

  • Wire transfers for major gift fundraising and corporate sponsorship
  • Electronic fund transfers for Group Sales, Private Events, and Rentals 
  • Externally processed payments via custom API checkout

"Other" is available to choose as the payment method during checkout and order management in both Backoffice (B2B) and ACME Sales (POS). In addition, it can be provided when calling the B2B Checkout API. When "Other" is the payment method, you can optionally provide a Payment ID as well, which will take any value up to 50 characters and will save to the order and reporting, just like Checks and Voucher payments.

ACME Sales (POS) | Ingenico Card Readers on TriPOS Cloud

We're offering up a new option for those of you with Ingenico card readers - and we're taking it to the cloud. When ordering a new Lane/3000 or Link/2500, we'll hook you up with one configured for TriPOS Cloud, which comes with some amazing benefits: 

  • Quick Activation with ACME › On first use, the device will display a 7-digit code that you will share with ACME for activation, along with your desired name for the card reader (e.g. "Main Lobby - Membership Desk") 
  • Simplified Connection › To connect, your staff will simply select the card reader by name from a list, rather than having to type in the IP Address 
  • Simplified Updates › SDK updates will install automatically from the cloud when available. Perhaps our favorite enhancement as we know the current TriPOS Mobile SDK updates take time and require manual intervention!

Reach out to your CSM if you are interested. 


Backoffice (B2B) | Searching Coupons

Dear lord folks - when the ACME Product team got wind of the increasing difficulty to search and find coupons for those of you with a lot of coupons, we immediately chatted with engineering about getting improvements your way. We are thrilled to inform you that relief is on the way! With this release we've made the following improvements to the list of coupons in backoffice: 

  • Updated to use our standard table with pagination controls. You can now change how many display per page 
  • With the standard table, you can now also modify your visible columns via the column selector. To save your changes (per user), simply navigate to another page via the left-side menu 
  • And last but certainly not least, search works across pages! That's right. It does not matter if the coupon you are searching for is on page 1 or 23, we'll find it for you right away when you search.

Backoffice (B2B) | Customers & Orders

At ACME, we know we keep you on your toes with all the options in our system. When it comes to customers and orders, we want to make sure it's clear.

  • You all probably know that for an individual Order, the Customer is the Order Contact. 
  • Did you know that for an organization order, the Customer is the first Billing Contact, even if you defer payment?

With this release, we've moved the link to the customer to a "View Customer" link above the Order and Billing Contact, since it differs for individual and org orders. If you would like to see this link and do not currently, be sure to enable the "Show customers" setting in Administration › Backoffice (B2B).

ACME Sales (POS) | ZIP Code Survey

For those of you who have configured POS to prompt for ZIP via the POS survey upon order completion, we've optimized to save you time and clicks. If a ZIP is present on either the Order Contact or Billing Contact, no need to collect it again. We'll skip the survey and save the ZIP to reporting. This works with your current survey frequency setting, which can be configured in B2B › Settings › Administration › Point of Sale (POS). No matter how often you prompt, when it's time to prompt, we'll skip if we already know the ZIP. 

ACME Sales (POS) | Dates on Temporary Membership Cards

Parles-vous français? ¿Habla español? For those of you with international language requirements, we are introducing three new variables for printing temporary membership cards. These are configurable in Backoffice › Theme › Ticket Layout:

  • $ed-expirationDate-yyyy-mm-dd
  • $pd-printDate-yyyy-mm-dd
  • $jd-joinDate-yyyy-mm-

These field print the dates in the numeric format of 'yyyy-dd-mm' (e.g. '2024-12-31'). The previous variables are still available and will print the dates in the American English Format (e.g. 'December 31, 2024'). See Temporary Membership Cards: Available Fields for all available fields.

ACME Sales (POS) | Credit Card Payment in Order Management

While making updates to Order Management to support new cloud-connected readers, we spruced up the initial display for Credit Cards. Now in addition to Credit Card being automatically selected, we make sure to display Credit Card and the amount to charge below the Balance Due amount. We've also added an 'x' to easily clear the selection if you want to stop prompting on the card reader while the visitor figures out what method they want to use to pay.


Online Checkout (B2C) | Support for Security Enhancements

At ACME we are constantly evaluating security enhancements to ensure ongoing support for your customers and members while blocking any bad actors. This year we are looking to implement even stricter security measures for B2C. In advance of this change, we have a few changes underway: 

  • Encoding of B2C cookies 
  • Removal of domains from URL redirects as members navigate around B2C page

See our "Coming Soon" section below for additional detail about changes coming to support this. 

ACME Sales (POS) | Apple iOS Certificate

We are updating the Apple iOS certificate for the ACME Sales POS application to keep it running on iOS devices. We do this to stay in compliance with Apple development requirements.

Backoffice (B2B) | Displaying Chargebacks in ACME Backoffice

As much as we wish they didn't, chargebacks happen. For your financial reconciliation, it's important to know when these happen and differentiate them from regular refunds. We are improving how we display chargebacks so you can clearly see these and report on them.

  • Order Details will display a Refund Status of "Charged Back" or "Partially Charged Back" (previously it was simply "Refunded" or "Partially Refunded")
  • Order Details › Transactions will display:
    • ChargeBackSale - for items disputed with the disputed payment (previously it was "RefundSale")
    • ChargeBack - for the disputed payment (previously it was "Refund")
    • ChargeBackRefund - for a payment(s) refunded due to a chargeback on another payment in the order. This type will rarely happen, but can. 
  • Reporting › You can also report on chargebacks in both the Sales and Transaction reports
    • Transaction report › The field "TransactionType" will be one of the above types when a chargeback applies. With this you can, for example, report on all ChargeBacks during a selected date range. See "F: ChargeBack Detail Report" for additional detail. 
    • Sale report › If you would like to create a sale report, you can filter on "PaymentStatus like ChargedBack" to see all applicable orders.

Look for more information coming soon with a deeper dive into the various chargeback scenarios and what to expect.

ACME B2B APIs | Modifying Membership External IDs and Dates

API enhancements galore! To further support your membership API use cases and to build out our next generation Salesforce integration powered by Workato (for more details ask your CSM!), we gussied up a few of our APIs:

  • B2B Checkout API (to record an Order in ACME) - The following are existing membership fields that you can now populate as part of the B2B checkout API for a membership lifecycle action (e.g. New, Upgrade, Renew). This enables you to set or update them from the get-go when each membership version is created. For additional information see B2B Checkout API for Membership Orders.
    • External IDs for Memberships
      • External Membership ID: This ID corresponds to your Membership Number from an external system, which members use to verify their membership in online checkout. This field is optional in the API and if no value is provided, it will be populated with the ACME Membership Number. 
      • External ID: This ID corresponds to the record ID per membership version from an external system. It must be unique per membership version. This field is optional and if not sent will remain blank.
    • External IDS for Membership Cardholders
      • Customer External ID: This ID corresponds to your Customer Number from an external system for the customer tied to the Membership Card. This field is optional and if not sent will remain blank.
      • External ID: This ID corresponds to the record ID per version of the Membership Card from an external system. It must be unique per membership version. This field is optional and if not sent will remain blank.
  • B2B Membership Update API - Via the Membership Update API, you can now modify the following fields. All are optional. The current values will remain the same if not provided.
    • Membership Dates
      • Membership Joined Date
      • Membership Start Date
      • Note: You can also continue to edit the Membership Expiration Date
    • Membership Cardholders
      • Start Date (Note: You can also continue to edit the Expiration Date)
      • Barcode: If you send a new value for barcode, it will update the ‘barcode’ field on the Membership Card and keep the “ACME barcode’ value as is. Barcodes do not have to be unique across cards on the same membership but they must be unique across different memberships.

Bug Fixes

Backoffice (B2B) | Organization Contacts

"Won't you take me to Funkytown?" 

For all the Organization records with more than 10 contacts, we're very sorry that only 10 contacts were visible in Backoffice! We've done a small improvement to help you see them all, just bear with us as it's still a little funky until we finalize the fix in a future release. 

What's improved:

  • When you first open Contacts, we'll load up to 25
  • If the organization has more than 25, we display the correct total at the bottom of the table
  • When you tap the arrows to advance in pages, we will actually load the next set of 10 and let you click through all pages for all contacts

What's still funky:

  • Let's say you have 30 contacts. Page 1 will load #1 – #25, page 2 will load #10 – #20, and page 3 will load #20 – #30. Funky we agree, but good you can see them all.
  • When on Contacts, if you click to Orders and back to Contacts, we'll only load the first 25 and you cannot click to additional pages. Simply refresh the page to reset

Funky yes. But all visible? For sure.

Backoffice (B2B) | Donation Theme Override

A regression was fixed that prevented users from adding a new Donation Theme Override in Backoffice.

Backoffice (B2B) | Membership Export

We fixed a rare bug causing an NPE in Membership Export.

ACME Sales (POS) | Calendar Date Selection

"Tis a lesson you should heed,

If at first you don’t succeed, 

Try, try again;" 

And so we did. When it comes to changing the date for ticket sales via the calendar, since our fixes in the 11.33.0 Release, a few more unique cases lingered where the date did not always retain the date you selected after navigating around. We believe we've caught them all and you should be good to go now.

ACME Sales (POS) | Bluetooth Connection with Ingenico Moby Card Reader

We are constantly looking for ways to improve connections to card readers, as we know how important that is for your front-line staff. With the new Moby Card Reader made available with the 11.33.0 Release, we noticed that if bluetooth was turned off on the iPad, when turned back on, the Moby did not automatically reconnect. We've spruced this up and made sure to re-establish connection when bluetooth is restored on the iPad.

ACME Sales (POS) | Manual Card Entry in Order Management

Well shoot. Turns out with our 11.33.0 Release, you are blocked when you don't have a card reader connected and are attempting to take payment in Order Management by manually entering a card. While the majority of you have a card reader connected and can process payments just fine, we know there are scenarios where you do not have a card reader connected. All fixed up now.

ACME Sales (POS) | Reversal of Payment Authorizations

As a follow up to our 11.33.0 Release, we now also reverse payment authorizations in Order Management if any of the following situations occur for those using Ingenico card readers: 

  • Agent changes the payment method after authorization completed 
  • Agent cancels the order changes after authorization completed

These situations likely do not happen often, but still important for your customers that we reverse the authorizations on their cards.

Online Checkout (B2C) | Donation Data for GA4

When looking at your GA4 Ecommerce purchase data for Categories 1 - 4, have you ever noticed items without a blank value? These are donations, but the value of "Donation" was only recorded to Category 5 (along with Event and Membership). While it might seem repetitive, we've updated Item Category 1 - 4 to also save the value of "Donation" when the item purchased is a donation, so that it's not a blank value & a mystery. This data will flow via our data layer as well for those with GTM integrations. Happy data analyzing!

Online Checkout (B2C) | State Dropdown on Checkout

A minor display issue was noticed on the dropdown field for State in checkout. When not yet populated it should show "-- Select a State --" to help with accessibility on screen readers. However, we noticed it was blank after the 11.33.0 Release and fixed it.

Coming Soon

Online Checkout (B2C) | Support for Security Enhancements

At ACME we are constantly evaluating security enhancements to ensure ongoing support for your customers and members while blocking any bad actors. This year we are looking to implement even stricter security measures for B2C. 

In advance of this change, we need you all to update any member verification deep links that contain a domain in the redirect. A new deep link generator guide will be available with the release so you can begin updating member links in advance of the security setting changes.

Important Reminders

ACME Sales (POS) | Updated SDK for Ingenico Card Readers

With the 11.33.0 Release we updated to the latest version of the TriPOS Mobile SDK (v4.0.0) for all Ingenico Card Readers. This upgrade is important to ensure we all benefit from the latest bug fixes and improvements. It also enabled us to bring you the Moby/5500 Bluetooth reader - all good things!

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet upgraded to 11.33, when you upgrade to 11.34.0, the new SDK will take affect. If this applies to you, install this new POS build end-of-day, not first thing before you open! 

When you take this build and connect to your Ingenico card reader, a new firmware file will be installed on the card reader. This typically takes about 20-30 min. The card reader will display messaging that it is installing.

Patience is key here, as our POS app will say it's not connected while this download takes place. When the card reader is done, you will see it automatically reboot. Once the card reader has fully completed its download and power cycling, you can then reconnect at POS and you'll see the typical quick file download.

New and Updated Knowledge Articles

We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledge-base in the ACME Support Portal. Below are some recently added or updated articles: