The following steps will resolve the most common issues with connections between the ACME Sales application on an iPad and a connected peripheral. A peripheral can be any device used in conjunction with your iPad such as a card reader or printer. These steps will focus specifically on internet connected peripherals that talk with the iPad over your local network. You can print out the companion checklist (attached below) for onsite troubleshooting.

Step 1: Check that the iPad and peripheral are both connected to the network and receiving valid IP addresses. 

  • iPad:  Go to Settings>Ethernet/Wi-Fi and select the "i" button to reveal the IP address for the device.
  • Ingenico Card Readers: key in 0-0-0-0 and scroll down to see the IP address
  • BOCA receipt printers: Print a test ticket from the printer to see the current IP address

In order for the devices to communicate, they need to be on the same "subnet" or network segment with similar IP addresses. Example: 192.168.1.X

Step 2: Ensure ACME Sales has access to your local network 

  • Go to iPad Settings>Privacy>Local Network and make sure ACME Sales is turned on (Green)

Step 3: If the iPad is connected by ethernet, make sure Wi-fi is disabled

  • Go to iPad Settings>Wi-Fi and disable the feature. This forces the iPad to use the ethernet connection and the correct network settings

Step 4: Power Cycle the iPad and peripheral

  • When in doubt, turn it off and on again

Step 5: Contact your Network Administrator

  • A network setting may be blocking the connection.

Step 6: Contact ACME Support for more help

  • Email support@acmeticketing.com to request more help. We may need to speak directly to your Network Admin for advanced troubleshooting.