When creating a new custom report, you are first asked to select a collection to use as the underlying data for your new report.  This article provides a brief overview of each dataset to help you decide which one is right for the report you're creating.


Default Date Field: TransactionDate

This dataset is an unfiltered collection of all transactions that occur within ACME.  This set includes both the payment and revenue sides of each transaction and requires filtering to create meaningful reports.  The Transactions dataset is used for the vast majority of reports.


Default Date Field: EventStartTime

This is a slimmed-down and filtered version of the Transactions dataset.  The data in this collection only includes the revenue side of each transaction and excludes payments.  The Sales dataset is used mainly for order-level information including receivables and billing, conversion reports, and offline order reconciliation.


Default Date Field: EventStartTime

The Events dataset contains information about events scheduled in ACME regardless of whether tickets have been sold.  You can use this data collection to get an overview of what's happening at the venue on a particular day, how many tickets have been sold for individual events, how many tickets are available, resources associated with an event and more.


Default Date Field: None

The TicketAnalytics collection provides detailed information about ticket scanning and access control.  All information in this data-set is item level and is used to create Usage Reports, or reports that show if and when purchased tickets are being used.


Default Date Field: None

The Memberships data collection contains information about members, memberships, lifecycle actions, and some information about households, cardholders, and donors.  It is important to remember that most reporting about members themselves should be done using your venue's CRM.  The ACME Reporting Platform is based primarily on transactions.


Default Date Field: None

Donations are a sub-type of Add-On in the ACME Platform, and reporting on Donations can be done in other datasets.  The Donations dataset is used to gather more detailed information about the donor, honoree, and beneficiary.


Default Date Field: None

This dataset is where clients using the forms functionality in ACME can find visitor responses to venue-defined questions.  The Forms collection combines form responses with high-level order, item, customer, and event information. 


Default Date Field: None

This specialty collection is used to get high-level information about ACME Order Requests.  Once orders have been generated from an Order Request, the data for those individual orders can be found in the various other collections.  Primarily, this dataset would be used if a venue choses to create Order-Request-level invoices.


Default Date Field: None

Similar to TicketAnalytics, this specialty collection is used to report on custom pass scanning at Access Control.