This article will walk you through how to take a payment for an order in ACME Sales using the Ingenico EMV card reader. See our configuration guide if the card reader is being setup for the first time. 

Taking Payments

Note: Be sure the Card Reader screen states "Ready" before attempting to checkout at POS. If the card reader screen states "TRIPOS" or "This Lane Closed" the card reader may not activate for payment as expected. 

  1. Place an order in the Point of Sale and Checkout. Note that Credit Card is selected as the payment method by default and the card reader will prompt you to Insert/Swipe/Tap Card.
    (Note: You can still accept other forms of payment by changing your selection from Credit Card to Cash, Check, Voucher etc.)
  2. Submit the card and follow the prompts on the card reader screen to authorize the amount to be charged. After you confirm the amount to charge on the EMV device, return to Acme Sales. There are separate instructions to complete Manual CC entry with Ingenico EMV card reader. The following payment methods are currently accepted in ACME Sales using the Ingenico:
    • Magnetic stripe cards backed by a major credit card brand
    • Chip enabled credit/debit cards
    • Digital Wallet apps including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.
    • NFC Contactless credit cards 
  3. If the card is valid and approved, select the "Complete" button to authorize the final amount and complete the sale. You will then be taken to the post checkout screen for receipt and/or ticket printing. The credit card reader will return to a ready state for the next transaction.