This article will walk you through how to take a payment for an order in ACME Sales using the Ingenico EMV card reader. See our configuration guide if the card reader is being setup for the first time. 

Taking Payments

Note: Be sure the Card Reader screen states "Ready" before attempting to checkout at POS. If the card reader screen states "TRIPOS" or "This Lane Closed" the card reader may not activate for payment as expected. 

1. Place an order in the Point of Sale and Checkout. Note that Credit Card is selected as the payment method by default and the card reader will prompt you to Insert/Swipe/Tap Card.

    (Note: You can still accept other forms of payment by changing your selection from Credit Card to Cash, Check, Voucher etc.)

2. Submit the card and follow the prompts on the card reader screen to authorize the amount to be charged. After you confirm the amount to charge on the EMV device, return to Acme Sales. There are separate instructions to complete Manual CC entry with Ingenico EMV card reader. The following payment methods are currently accepted in ACME Sales using the Ingenico:

  • Magnetic stripe cards backed by a major credit card brand
  • Chip enabled credit/debit cards
  • Digital Wallet apps including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.
  • NFC Contactless credit cards 

3. If the card is valid and approved, select the "Complete" button to authorize the final amount and complete the sale. You will then be taken to the post checkout screen for receipt and/or ticket printing. The credit card reader will return to a ready state for the next transaction. 

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Q: My EMV device isn't staying connected to my iPad, what should I do to troubleshoot?

A: In the event of an connection interruption, we recommend  these steps:

1. Force the card reader to re-intilizatie by pressing the "connect card reader" button in the ACME Sales menu. The same action can be performed by sleeping and waking the iPad while ACME sales is running.

2. If the issue persists, force close ACME Sales and relaunch to start a new session.

3. If the issue persists, power cycle the iPad and card reader by turning them both off for 30 seconds and powering back on.

4. If the issue persists, delete ACME Sales and reinstall from the Catalog. You will need to re-enter your Tenant and Terminal ID at login.

4. If the issue is still persisting, contact as the iPad may need to be reset. 

Q: Why are the "Notes" and "coupon" fields grayed out when I get to the checkout screen?

A: When the EMV card reader is present, the tendered amount is automatically sent to the reader as soon as you reach the checkout screen. The Notes and Coupons options are grayed out whenever an amount is sent to the EMV reader to charge.  The solution is to hit the trash can symbol next to "waiting for customer." This disengages the EMV and coupons/notes are made  available. After the coupon is selected, the EMV is automatically renegaded at the correct amount.

Q: My Ingenico card reader has finished booting up and now just says "triPOS" on the screen. What should I do?

A. This means the device is not currently connected to a sales terminal. Ensure that the IP address for this device is entered correctly in the Acme Sales Configuration menu. The device screen will change to "Ready" once a successful connection has been made.

Q: My Ingenico device has been saying "Downloading...." for sometime. What should I do?

A. The device may have timed out. Unplug the reader from power for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. The Acme Sales app should be restarted as well to fully resolve the issue.

Q: My Ingenico device says "This Lane Closed." How do I make it ready for payment?

A: The device may have had an issue connecting to your network. Unplug the reader from power for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. The Acme Sales app should also be restarted. Follow the above steps to ensure the correct IP address is entered in Acme Sales.

Q: Where can I find a list of Vantiv Express Response Codes?


Q: How do I enter a Credit Card manually in my Ingenico device?

A: We have a step-by-step tutorial here: Manual CC entry with Ingenico EMV card reader

Q: I'm experiencing an issue getting my card reader to connect to my network. Could a network setting be blocking the device?

A: The Ingenico uses port number 1200 for Transmission Control Protocol communication. Please work with your network administrator to ensure there are not any conflicts or issues in using this port on your network.

Q: My card reader has started rejecting credit cards at a higher that usual rate. What should I do?

A: The EMV chip reader and magnetic stripe reader should be cleaned regularly as debris may build up and impair the readers over time. Generic EMV cleaning kits can be found from a variety of sources.  

Q: Will my Ingenico card reader work offline?

A: The card reader can still be used in the event of an internet outage as long as the card reader is on the same subnet as the rest of the ACME sales terminal. Note that the card reader will not function properly if the device becomes disconnected from the local area network (LAN).

Q:  I am having trouble taking a contactless credit card as payment. What should I check?

A: Make sure the customer's card is contactless or "NFC" enabled. There will be a symbol with three waves somewhere on the card to identify the feature. When taking the payment, make sure there is nothing obstructing or in between the card and the reader including metal or other objects. 

Q: Why does my ACME Sales app crash after I connect to my card reader?

A: In some edge cases, your POS configuration may be causing a technical conflict that causes your app to crash or force quit after the connection is made to a card reader. Here are some steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Unplug the Ingenico card reader from power and force quit the ACME Sales app.
  2. Log in to ACME Sales.
  3. Plug the Ingenico card reader back into power and confirm the IP address on the boot menu.
  4. Go to thr POS Configuration menu and remove the currently entered IP address.
  5. Re-enter the IP address as shown on your Ingenico device and select Connect.

Q: I entered payment in my Ingenico device but when I hit "Complete" in ACME POS to authorize the charge, the card was declined. How do I enter a different payment for the order?

A: Once a CC is input in the EMV and passed to ACME POS, if the card then comes back declined the EMV doesn't automatically re-activate to take a new CC payment. If you want to use an alternate method of payment after a CC decline, then you can tap "Cash" or "Check" on the right hand side, enter the payment details, and then complete the order by hitting "Checkout".

To run another card after a CC decline, you need to do the following:

  1. Under the payment options on the right, click the "Main" button. This will take you back to the retail screen on the right, but keep your current cart displayed on the left.
  2. Then hit "Checkout". This will bring you back to the cart, and re-activates the EMV to accept another card.
  3. You can then swipe a new card in the EMV, or use manual entry.

Q: Can a Debit Card be processed as a Credit Card on the EMV?

A: If a visitor is paying with a debit card that is also branded with MasterCard/Visa, they can press the Green button, and the transaction will be processed as a credit card sale. If they enter their PIN, the payment will be processed as a debit card sale.