11.9.0 Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, January 26th 2021

Platforms: Backoffice (B2B), eCommerce (B2C), ACME Sales (POS)

Environments for Testing: Sand10 and POS Sandbox 11.9.0

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Stripe payment processor now available in the United States and Canada!

With this release we are supporting a new payment processor in the US and Canada. Stripe brings some exciting benefits to the ACME platform.

  • A refund can be processed after an unlimited number of days post-sale.
  • A custom splash screen on credit card processors to match your venue's brand.
  • Lower hardware cost for credit card readers.
  • Global support across major international markets.

Additionally, we will be building much of our future platform on top of Stripe's APIs, such as subscriptions for Auto-Renew and other recurring payments. Stripe also brings with it other benefits which we will be incorporating into our platform in the future: new methods of payment, optimized checkout modules online, and more.  

Learn more about Stripe

Verifone P400 with Stripe test card


Combo Ticket Types

We have improved our combo ticket category, so that you won't oversell an event when guests are purchasing a combo. Now, when a guest purchases a combo ticket, the available inventory will be checked against the sum of the component parts of the combo ticket category to see if enough inventory remains. Likewise, after the successful sale of a combo ticket category, available inventory will be reduced by the sum of the component parts of the combo. For example, if you have a "Family 4 pack" combo ticket category, which is made up of 2 adults and 2 kids, we will check for the availability of 4 tickets before allowing the sale. Once the sale has been completed, available inventory will be reduced by 4.  

Please note: Future improvements will be scheduled to report on the component parts of a combo ticket category. With this release, reporting will continue to show that 1 Family 4 pack ticket has been sold, as this is the item that was purchased. When a combo ticket category ticket has been scanned, this will also account for one scan. Learn how to configure Combo Ticket types.

eCommerce (B2C)

Control of the "Add More" button

Venues using ACME's eCommerce experience will now be able to show/hide the "Add More" button on the cart page as desired. In order to control the button, simple add the text variable "show-add-more-button" to the configuration in Theme in ACME BACK Office.  If "show-add-more-button" is set to false, the button will be hidden on the  ACME eCommerce page.  If set to true, it will appear. If the variable is not added to the Theme, the button will continue to appear as it does today. As a reminder, the format is "show-add-more-button": "false", - please visit our Support site in order to review our Text Variable documentation in more detail.  

Back Office (B2B)

Private event rescheduling: Option for sending reschedule emails

When rescheduling a private event, you can now choose whether or not a reschedule notification email is sent to the buyers. By default, the option to send the email will be unchecked. If you would like to send the email, simply check the checkbox before completing the reschedule.

Improved organization search in the cart overlay

When searching for an Organization in the cart overlay, you can now search any part of the Organization name, making it much easier to find the right record.

Salesforce Integration

Add-on and Donation name

We have enhanced the Salesforce integration to pass the Add-on Name and the Donation Name. This is populated in the Item Name field in Salesforce and applies to all types of add-ons and Donations.

Development Tools API Logging

In order to better support our API developer community, we are adding a tool to make development on our platform more efficient. The 11.9 release includes a cloud logging tool that records the details of API request/response payload when an API does not return successfully, either via malformed data input, card processing failures, or any other issues, including with the ACME stack.  

The tool will consist of ACME returning an x-acme-request-id header with a unique ID in API responses. This ID can then be used via a self service b2b API to look up the result of the API execution when the exception occurred. We highly encourage you to use this new logging facility in sandboxes and Production. If there is a still a need to engage with our API support team, please provide the x-acme-request-id when submitting an API support ticket to to help us accelerate the support request turn around time.

We hope you will find this tool useful. More details can be found in the Development Tools guide.

Bug Fixes

ACME Sales (POS)

Invalid login error message update

When logging in with an invalid username and password, POS sometimes showed the wrong error ("Server Error ACME appears to be having difficulties"), which caused confusion on what the actual issue was. POS now show always the correct error message: "Check your email and password and try again".

Back Office (B2B)

Organization name does not always populate on Event List/Details for Private Events

The Organization Name now displays on the Event List and Event Details page in the workflow where you first create the private event, and then make an order for an organization. This is now consistent with the workflow where you select the organization first and then create the private event during checkout.

Resource conflicts not correctly identified for requests that extend past the event end time

When a resource is assigned to an event is needed past the end of the event (for example, a room reserved a half hour past the end of the event to allow time for cleaning), it will now correctly show as unavailable due to a conflict for that extra time.

Import/Export: Date format honoring user preference

We updated the Export Job Execution page within the Import/Export area of Back office to honor the user's preference for date/time format.


Deleted organization memberships 

Deleted organization memberships will now be hidden from search results just as they are for individual memberships.

eCommerce (B2C)

Mobile display 

When checking out on a 4.7 inch mobile screen (portrait mode) the credit card number no longer overlaps with the card brand logo next to the field.  In order to enable this fix, you must navigate into Back Office, and click "Update" on the Theme page.  Please note:  it may take up to 30 minutes for theme updates to take effect.  

Member entitlements error in checkout

We have fixed the display of the membership entitlements error message that shows in the Order Review section of checkout in a rare case where the member exceeds their allocated number of tickets in another order while the user is checking out online.  


Cancelation email honoring the "b2c-from-email"

The fix for the event cancelation email honoring the "b2c-from-email" address defined in Theme → Email tab - Email Variables section was pulled from the release, and will be scheduled for a future date.

General Hardening

Date fields required 

We are updating the /v2/b2b/async/report endpoint for performance optimization and are now requiring that you populate the start_date, end_date & dateRangeField parameters. If you are using this endpoint, please confirm these fields are all being populated.  We will return an input validation error if DateRangeField OR DateRange Period is missing in the input.

Fraud prevention

In order to prevent fraud on the ACME eCommerce site, if a card has been authorized 10 times within a 24 hour period, resulting in a decline each time, we will prevent further authorizations of that card.  The error message will be returned "This credit card has failed too many times. Please use a different card."

API hardening

We have made an update so that if a donation only order made via API does not include any donation details (e.g. recognition, dedication, campaign/appeal/fund, etc.) the confirmation email continues to send upon checkout and when re-sending the confirmation email.  

We have also added some general API optimization to our platform such as input validation, error messages and performance enhancements.

Performance Improvements

We have improved the performance of search in two areas of Back Office:

  • Cart › Membership Search
  • Order Requests › Organization Search

Code upgrade

We have upgraded our iOS applications to use the latest version of Xcode and Swift.

ACME Sales

We are continually making improvements to the ACME Sales application code to harden the app against crashing.

Note: To ensure Back Office updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact if you experience any issues after a release.