Q: What are the different modes for the Socket scanner and which one should I use with ACME?

A: , that device can be programmed for one of two modes depending on which application you are using:

1. ACME Sales (POS) and "Keyboard Mode." This is the default mode for the Socket scanner when it comes out of the box. When a Socket scanner is paired with an iPad in this mode, it can scan a membership card and automatically enter the value into our Membership search field which can save users time and prevent typos when searching for a member.

2. ACME Access Control (AC) and "iOS App Mode." When a Socket scanner is configured for iOS Mode, it will work as an extension of our access control application to scan, validate, and check in tickets.
Note: This mode will only work with the ACME AC application. ACME Sales does not support external ticket scanning at this time.

you can learn more about these various solutions in our documentation:
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