Adding tickets to an order

  1. Select the tile for the ticket you wish to add to the cart. A box will pop up at the right, showing the ticket(s) you've chosen, and the total number of tickets in the order.

  2. To increase or decrease the quantity of a particular Ticket Type (e.g. if you want to sell more than one Adult Ticket to a certain Event), use the "+" or "-" buttons. You can also remove tickets by clicking the  "x" to the right.

  3. You now have two options:

    1. If you're ready to checkout, click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the page. (Read the instructions for checkout below.)

    2. If you want to add Tickets to a different Event, or to add a Membership, click "Add to Order". The window at the right will now show you everything in the customer's cart.

  4. To add other Tickets, Add-ons, or Memberships, locate them on the left part of the screen, then add them to the order.

  5. If the customer has any Coupons, you can redeem them by pressing "Apply Coupons". Enter the Coupon name and press "Done" on the left. You should see the Coupon applied in your cart.

  6. When you have all desired items in the cart, click the  "Checkout" button.


  1. Choose a payment option from the list. Note: If a credit card is preset, you may swipe the card without selecting a payment method first and the card will automatically be tendered for the order amount. 

    • Cash: enter the amount tendered. Click "Complete". 

    • Credit Card: swipe the credit card on the Card Reader, then press the green "Authorize" button.

    • Manual Credit Card Entry: select the "Credit Card" button. A box will pop up, prompting you to enter the card number and expiration date. Click "Submit".

    • Check: select the "Check" button. A box will pop up, prompting you to enter a check number. Click "Submit".

    • Voucher: select the "Voucher" button." A box will pop up, asking you for a reseller or group. Select your reseller or group, enter the voucher number, then click "ok".

    • Gift Card: enter the gift card number. Click "ok".
      Note: Vouchers and Gift Card values can be up to 49 digits in length

  2. If you want to adjust the order (add or remove tickets, add add-ons, etc.) click the  "Back" button. This will return you to the earlier menu.

  3. If you want to cancel the order, click the  "x" button next to Order Total . Then click "Yes."

  4. When you've entered your payment, click "Complete".

After Checkout

After hitting "Complete" you'll be brought to the Post Checkout screen . The order number is in the top left corner.

  1. Email Receipt: enter a valid email address into the available field and select "Send." The customer will receive an email of the transaction, and copies of their tickets.

  2. If your venue does not scan tickets, or if you'd like to check people in, click "Check in all."

  3. If auto print receipt is not on, you can manually print a receipt by selecting the "Print " button under the Receipt header. 

  4. If auto print tickets is not on, you can manually print tickets by selecting the "Print " button under the Tickets header.

Once you are ready for the next transaction, select "Done" to go back to the Retail page.

Still need help? you can contact ACME Product Support seven days a week at, by emailing, or calling 1-844-622-8144.