Adding items to an order

  1. Select the tile for the event you wish to add to the cart. You will then be presented with the time options, if available, as well as ticket types for that event. Select the ticket type(s) needed. A box will pop up at the right, showing the event and ticket(s) you've chosen, and the total number of tickets in the order.
  2. Adjust the quantity of a particular Ticket Type
    • Tap the "+" or "-" buttons
    • Tap the ticket type again (in an event roll up)
    • Tap into the number on the right and type in the desired amount
    • You can also remove tickets by clicking the  "x" to the right
  3. If you want to add tickets to a different event, or to add another item, click "Add to Order". The window at the right will now show you everything in the customer's cart while you add additional items.
    • You can also go straight to the checkout process by selecting "Checkout" button at the bottom of the page instead. (Read the instructions for checkout below.)
    • See the Memberships in ACME Sales (POS) for more details about member transactions.
  4. If the customer has any Coupons, you can redeem them by pressing "Apply Coupons". Enter the Coupon name and press "Done" on the left. You should see the Coupon applied in your cart. See the applying a coupon to an order in ACME Sales for the step by step instructions.
  5. When you have all desired items in the cart, click the "Checkout" button.


  1. If you need to adjust the order (add or remove tickets, add add-ons, etc.) click the arrow in the top left corner. This will return you to the earlier menu.
  2. If you want to add or edit the order contact information you can do that now before finalizing the order. See Adding a Customer Contact to an Order (POS) for more details.
    • Member orders will have the primary cardholder automatically assigned as the order contact.
  3. Choose a payment option from the list. Note: If a credit card is preset, you may swipe the card without selecting a payment method first and the card will automatically be tendered for the full order amount. 
    • Cash: enter the amount tendered and click "Complete". The blue hotkeys for small US currency amounts are additive and can be selected multiple times to reflect the tendered amount.
    • Credit Card: swipe the credit card on the Card Reader and click "Authorize".
    • Manual Credit Card Entry: select the "Credit Card" button and select "Enter card manually". A box will pop up, prompting you to enter the card number and expiration date. Click "Authorize". Manual CC entry with Ingenico iPP350 EMV card reader can also be completed on the EMV.
    • Check: a box will pop up, prompting you to enter a check number and click "Complete".
    • Voucher: enter the voucher number and click "Complete". You may be required to select an organization first, depending on the requirements configured for your venue.
    • Gift Card: enter the gift card number and click "Complete". ACME does not validate the balance for any type of gift cards. This payment method can be used to accept non co-branded gift cards. Co-branded gift cards should be run as a regular credit card.
      Note: Vouchers and Gift Card values can be up to 49 digits in length
  4. Click the "x" button next to Order Total to cancel the order before taking payment.

After Checkout

After hitting "Complete" you'll be brought to the Post Checkout screen. The order number is in the top left corner. The right side of the screen is an itemized receipt of the order contents and payment(s). The left side includes additional actions, as outlined below.

  1. Tickets

    • If you'd like to check people in immediately, click "Check in all." 
    • Select the "Print " button as needed to manually trigger printed tickets.
  2. Receipt

    • Enter a valid email address into the available field and select "Send." The customer will receive an email of the transaction, and any digital tickets issued. 
      • If a customer contact was already added to the order, the email address from that contact will be auto-filled and an email can be triggered by clicking Send. Additional email addresses can be entered to send additional copies of the email receipt. Any email addresses entered here will not be saved in the order contact information.
    • Select the "Print " button as needed to manually trigger a printed receipt.
    • You can trigger a new signature slip to print by selecting the pen icon next to the CC line on the right.

Once you are ready for the next transaction, select "Done" to go back to the Retail page.

Still need help? Take a look at the ACME Sales (POS) Resource Center for more.